What is CMC ?

We welcome enquiries from anyone who has been diagnosed with CMC or has the symptoms described below.

What is CMC ?

CMC is a rare condition caused by fungus ( and yeast ).

It is also responsible for the common infection vaginal CANDIDIASIS or thrush.

Candida also causes disease in the mouth (oral thrush ) an infection of the nail fold ( paronychia ) and it is also a common cause of nappy rash in babies.

There are certain people who are unable to fight off CANDIDA. Most cases of thrush get better quickly with anti-fungal treatment and do not recur, but in a small number of people , thrush recurs quickly and it is difficult to cure.

One condition that leads to many episodes of difficult to treat thrush is Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis ( CMC ) in which those affected have frequent, usually continuous thrush.

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