What is CMC Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis?

We welcome enquiries from anyone who has been diagnosed with CMC or has the symptoms described below.

What is CMC ?

CMC is a rare condition caused by fungus ( and yeast ).

It is also responsible for the common infection vaginal CANDIDIASIS or thrush.

Candida also causes disease in the mouth (oral thrush ) an infection of the nail fold ( paronychia ) and it is also a common cause of nappy rash in babies.

There are certain people who are unable to fight off CANDIDA.

Most cases of thrush get better quickly with anti-fungal treatment and do not recur, but in a small number of people , thrush recurs quickly and it is difficult to cure.

One condition that leads to many episodes of difficult to treat thrush is Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis ( CMC ) in which those affected have frequent, usually continuous thrush.

If left unattended candida can cause skin hyperpigmentation, serious illness and even death.

Candida infection can be cured when follow the right steps and know how to effectively control it.

A naturopathic physician in New Zealand by the name of Eric Bakker has dedicated his lifes work to candida yeast infection patients and with over 20,000 clients who by following his program have cured their infection.

Many of his patients who suffer with chronic and complex disease do travel far and wide to receive treatment recommendations, where many others use Skype, email and phone for direct contact.

Eric has been in the know and treating those with candida infection for over 30 years now.

He developed an incredibly successful treatment program called the Candida Crusher based on several thousand successfully treated cases of vaginal thrush, endometriosis, jock itch, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, psoriasis and the many other manifestations of a yeast infection.

His book, Candida Crusher offers you so much advice that is built around from sound testing to get you the results you want FAST.

For quick results there are some quick and instant solutions and as well as more lengthy programs for you to follow.

The products that are used throughout the his step by step guide are the only ones recommended and found to be the BEST and to offer quick and excellent results.

What is the difference between Eric Bakker’s Candida Crusher and all the other yeast infection related sites or books?

I get it, you are skeptical as hell and don’t blame you as by now you’ve probably heard it all before.

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Just about most books and online course on offer have been written by someone who has dealt with just their own condition and have little to NO experience.

To take the word of such or to follow a guide that has been developed from a person that has treated 10’s of thousands of customers with positive results.

Most of these persons got a yeast infection, wrote a book it, then try and flog the book off to those who are desperate for positive results.

The Candida Crusher book is purely based of clinical proven results accumulate from 30 years of testing thousands and thousands of patients from his clinic ranging from all types of yeast infections, even HIV positive patients.

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