A Patients Story

Charles is an eleven year old boy who suffers with a rare disease which is called Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis.

For the fist three years of his life he suffered with unexplained periodic bouts of illness. The G.P. referred to him as a sickly child prone to viral infections.  Unfortunately for Charles the situation was a bit more serious.

By the age of one year he was struggling with food. He always looked in pain and his appetite was poor. Vomiting and fever occurred every six to eight weeks and he lost weight dramatically. His energy levels were low and he appeared lethargic and unwell.  His mother decided he has suffered enough and requested referral to see a consultant paediatrian. 

An endoscopy was arranged and revealed Candida invasion down the length of his esophagus and into his stomach. This is called Candida oesophagitis and only occurs in those with poor defenses against Candida. Blood samples were then taken and showed an underlying immunological defect concerning low numbers of T& B cells  ( important immune cells). Further Charles cells failed to react to Candida as normal people’s do. In short Charles had no immunological defense against Candida. This resulted in the diagnosis of CMC.

Charles was then put on an anti-fungal drug called fluconazole and has responded so far very well to treatment. He will require close medical supervision for the rest of his life.